Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A number of termites build their nests in trees

The variety of termite that you might see about your Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich home particularly where you live close to parkland is the Nasutitermes Walkeri. They are identified as an arboreal species, meaning that they build their nests in trees in elastic mudded mounds, quite than solid constructions on the ground or underground. Naturally termites attack a house via a subterranean complex of tunnels, and Nasutitermes Walkeri is no immunity.

Arboreal termites make their nests up in trees

They overcome the difficulty of being located up in the air by constructing mud tunnels inside and on the outside of the tree. These tunnels allow them to move liberally from one area to the next without being bare, as well as move into your home without leaving behind any outside signs of swarm.

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