Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Eight Tips for Avoid Termites

Every year termites wreak havoc between homeowners. These pesky critters will literally eat your home away. Termites feed off of organic matter such as wood. Considering most homes and buildings are complete of at least some wood, termites tend to cause lots of structural injure; a standard of about $6 billion per year in the U.S. The next tips can actually put you one step in front of these “quiet destroyers.”

1. Take Away Damp

Termites thrive is moist environments. Keeping all sources of water to a minimum would greatly involve the continued existence of termites. Things like nearby water faucets and leaky pipes can really help termites endure near your home and should be correctly fixed.

2. Take Away Shortest Soil and Wood Contact

Having direct contact between the wooden parts of your home with the soil would give termites an all-access pass to your home. Termites, like most other bugs, live in the soil and forage for food. Having soil and wood in direct contact increases the risks that termites will find your home for lunch.

3. Aeration

Keeping your home ventilated will help decrease moisture. Good air distribution will help uphold the buildup of moisture to a minimum.

4. Use Chemically Treated Wood or Timber that’s naturally Resistant

When building a new home or making additions, it is always a good thought to look into some termite resistant materials to use. Some woods can be chemically treated to ward off those greedy termites.

5. Have Home Inspected Frequently

The best way to guarantee that your home is free of termites is to have a professional inspect your home frequently. Termites are “silent destroyers”, and before you know it your home could be crumbling to the ground. Having a professional law out the presence of these critters is the best alternative for maintaining your home free of termites.

6. Stick Cracks, Openings, and Holes

Just like any other bug or unwanted intruder, having bare cracks and holes into your home can let the termites in. Make certain any slightly thin openings or cracks in the base are correctly sealed and variable.

7. Don’t Store Wood or Mulch Close by

Wood is a termite’s preferred meal, so storing it in the backyard can attract the critters. Piles of wood can easily gather moisture and having them close to the home will draw in the buggers. Mulch, which is meant to preserve moisture, can clearly also be very dangerous to keep close by.

8. Take Away Shrubs and Lawn

Keeping the home free of grass and plant life will also help keep termites away. Sometimes plants like to cuddle up close to our homes, but these plants create moisture.

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