Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Cheaper Mouse Trap

Haddon represents a example transfer in computing. This reasonable and salable structure for dispersed processing of huge data sets will allow inconceivable computing applications in the prospect. So what’s behind the unprecedented adoption of Haddon cross ways major vendors and the dozens of new Haddon-focused start ups promising on a usual base? Why are some of the best minds in our manufacturing focused on building a cheaper mousetrap?
Analytic appliances can supply advanced and extremely execute ant SQL analytic and will smash almost any SQL engine running on top of Haddon for almost all analytic workloads. However, these multimillionaire dollar systems are out of achieve to all but the biggest corporations.
The low fence to admission for advanced analytic is driving Haddon acceptance. Yet vendors focused on organizing data in Haddon into rows and columns are too huge to calculate. Why all data have to be structured, and why must all data be accessed via SQL? Distributed computing demands a new move toward to looking at data, not just adapting last century’s move toward.
Processing authority and storage space are contemptible. It’s time to rethink data analytic and focus on reducing the labor and time needed to go from raw information to insight in its place of merely focusing on dispensation time. With a computing engine like Haddon that scales straight, accelerating processing time is easy: Throw more hardware at the problem. Humans stay the most expensive feature of an analytic scheme. We must begin focusing our efforts on maximizing their efficiency

Keyboard Shortcuts with Mousetrap

A number of the finest parts of web apps are concealed in the small things.  These "little particulars" can frequently add up to big, big gains.  One of those little gains can be establish in keyboard shortcuts.  Awesome web apps like Gmail and GitHub use loads of keyboard shortcuts and they make navigating exponentially earlier.  Behind evaluating a little keyboard micro libraries, I've establish Mousetrap to be the most excellent!

Medical treatment of Mouse Trap

Millions of illegal immigrants take advantage of our generous health care system and overuse emergency rooms as their private doctors and as their OBGYNs, forcing taxpayers to foot the bills for the delivery of anchor babies and the care of their mothers while Americans buy insurance for their families. Americans, who cannot afford premiums because they fall below the poverty line, receive medical treatment through Medicaid.

“The private, for-profit health insurance establishment” has been able to offer free medical care to all people who could not afford to pay but needed care. Nobody died unnecessarily because they were turned away as the Public Citizen fundraising letter implies. 

Unfortunately, with the new Obama Care, rationing will become the norm and people will be turned down for treatment based on their age and utility to society, they will become “units.” There is a 15-member death panel written into Obama Care. We will find out soon enough when the unfortunately-named Affordable Care Act starts enrolling people on October 1, 2013.

Unions want Obama Care repealed or defended because their members wish to keep their current Cadillac health insurance plans and their doctors, as promised by the President. Congress, who wrote the bill, does not want Obama Care for themselves and their staffers. They have strategist and manipulated behind closed doors until the President gave them a special status and a 75% subsidy towards the annual premium. 

Giving potential donor’s misguided statistics on the status of our healthcare, Public Citizen’s President ends his message of gloom and doom with the chilling “onward.” “Onward” is an interesting variant to “forward,” euphemisms recognizable to me as socialist slogans.

Socialist Mousetrap

Self-described as “advocates for a better and more evenhanded world,” sent a fundraising letter to Democrat voters, claiming that “millionaires who run the biggest corporations on Earth want to hack the social insurance programs the rest of us rely on.” By slashing, they are referring to the reasonable proposal to enlarge eligibility age for Medicare, to associate Medicare to income, and to update/privatize it.

Who are these “mega-corporations” that it appears that desire to obliterate our healthcare? Public Citizen points out that CEOs of AT&T, Boeing, Dow Chemical, Exxon, Mobil, General Electric, JPMorgan, and Wal-Mart have no thought “what it’s like to worry if you can stop working with self-esteem and security.”

So far, class separation and envy rhetoric, blaming the “wickedness” rich for the world’s problems and communal injustice, has worked for progressives since they plea to the lowest in sequence voters, people who watch “realism” television and take their news in sequence from comedians on the alphabet soup channels, the media machine of the Democrat Party.

It is not the CEOs who have shattered the center class and the occasion to succeed in America, it is the race baiters, politicians, and the group of people organizers who keep the low in sequence voters misinformed and beholden to their supposed saviors, the very people who manage them and advantage from their misfortunes.

Somebody needs to tell low in sequence Democrats that medical care is not a human right, it is a service, provided by medical professionals who wait for to be paid for their service, know-how, and the many years they’ve exhausted in medical school studying industriously for exams, writing papers, dissecting, doing 36-hour rotations at hospitals for gratis, paying high tuition fees, and buying high-priced field books. These medical professionals have loans to pay back, families to feed, bills to pay, office overhead costs, malpractice insurance (due to the enormously litigious civilization that we live in), and employees who must be paid for their work as well. 

Somebody should too tell uninformed Democrats that Medicare was not designed as a worldwide, single-payer health insurance system and that it is President Obama who is stripping Medicare of $719 billion over the after that ten years in arrange to fund his high-priced Affordable Care Act. Additionally, Americans have not asked for a single-payer, national socialized health mind system but they got it, it is the law; even if ACA is defunded totally, all Americans must still pay the tax next year if they do not have evidence of assurance

Caught in a Trap

A recently aired story from a local news station shows a man in a bathrobe who strips and starts dancing to the theme from Rocky around a set mouse trap. We all know where this is headed—he places his penis on the trap, which then snaps on the family jewels. His reaction is also caught on film.
Dozens of news stations as well as online forums picked up the story. Needless to say, the clip can be accessed on the Internet, and as disturbing as people claim the whole behavior (and subsequent public airing) is, it has generated a considerable amount on online attention. Not only can you chat about it, comment about it, and blog about it, you can view it on several sites. This is not the first such incident that has hit the Internet—one teen actually did the same act for $20 and a pack of cigarettes. However, this incident was intended to be viewed over public cable access on television. The reaction over the public television episode locally hit the Internet and the word spread. Twenty years ago, a childish stunt like this would not have garnered much attention. However, in today’s world, millions can now view this type of infamous idiocy almost instantaneously.

Globalization and rivals

You've got a great idea and a great team to put it in place, so what can possibly go wrong? How about a rival in Taiwan coming up with the same thing using cheaper labor and selling their product directly into your market via the web? Don’t trust that your brilliance will keep you ahead of the game or that this year’s good idea will last forever. Someone somewhere will build a better mouse trap.
Defining idea…
Every business and every product has risks. You can’t get around it.
Lee Iaccoca, American industrialist
Here’s an idea for you…
Got an employee worth their weight in gold? Appoint them as a mentor to someone else and have that person shadow your wunderkind. In particular have them work as a team with clients so the shadow becomes seen as the apprentice and heir apparent to the star.

Ideas are worthless unless

Nearly everyone has had a “better mouse trap” idea—a cool concept that is sure to electrify the market and rake in huge sales. Such an idea may in fact have enormous potential, but the idea by itself is worthless. For an idea to gain value, it must be accompanied by a way to access the market.

Do your homework. If market research indicates the viability of the idea, then it starts to have value. However, without a plan and a means to bring the idea to market and sell it, it simply remains an idea. If your idea has gone beyond the research stage and test marketing has actually generated cash, the idea becomes golden. It will attract people and money.