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Six Wonderful Herb Methods

Here are some amazing techniques to get rid bed bugs completely from your bedroom. These steps are easy to put into practice, not using pesticides or chemical drugs. Only using herb ingredients that you easily get it. For those of you who have a house or a room that there are a lot of bed bugs, before making steps you must first know the bed bug nests. Points where bed bug eggs gathered. Usually under the carpet, corners or narrow sidelines.
Nest of bed bugs is not always a dirty point. Bed bugs lay eggs even in a very clean place. What is needed by bed bug is close to the human position. That's it. Once you know the points of bed bugs nest, do the following techniques:

Get Rid Bed Bugs with 6 Amazing Herb Techniques

The first technique, make a spray concoction of herbs ingredients. The first spray concoction:
·                     1 cup water
·                     10 drops lavender essential oil
·                     10 drops rosemary essential oil
·                     10 drops eucalyptus essential oil
·                     3 drops clove essential oil (optional)

Combine them in a spray bottle. Essential oils in controversy are sensitive to skin. Should not touch it directly. This spray is used to attack bed bugs wherever you find it, although basically bed bugs die by water spray only... In this technique, your focus is only on bed bugs them self.

The second technique, focus on eggs and nests. Dry in the sun all items are bed bug eggs located therein, such as mattresses, beds, carpets, tables, wall hangings and clean them up. In the room, point the spray at every point bed bug eggs located. Then wash all nests using carpet or floor brush. If your room is so severe, then remove the traces of bed bugs with paint or washing. Like this for example.
After everything is clean, no longer seem bed bugs and their eggs, make a spray of cayenne pepper (as much as possible very spicy chili), or garlic or black walnut. Crush the materials and mix with water in a spray bottle. Then spray the nests traces of bed bugs that you cleaned them up earlier. Make sure the room is clean.
Rearrange your room. Keep away bed from the wall about 7inches, in anticipation of the rest of bed bugs that escaped the attack. Bed bugs can jump from the wall as far as 3-4 inches. Make lavender perfume to spray the mattress so that fragrant. Popular rumors say bed bugs do not like the scent of lavender and mint.
Before sleeping spray the second potion at the corners of rooms and places that had become nests of bed bugs, at least 3 times a week. That is if your room was their base. If not, once a week enough. And spray lavender or mint perfume in bed before going to sleep.
The next is sixth technique is the habit that you should do to get rid bed bugs. Ashes been explained in bed bug facts that not everyone knows, bed bugs do not like going out in the freezing temperatures. When the summer you should install air conditioning. If you have a foreign friend who used to come to visit, do not let him into your rest room.

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