Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Cockroach Be Gone

It’s widely known and scientifically proven that cockroaches have been in existence before Earth was invented (scientific research not included). But regardless of their history, the fact remains that very few people like cockroaches, and even fewer people want them in their houses. So you’re going to get rid of them with style.

Your task is to create a cockroach repellent (or “remover,” if you catch my drift). You must create this repellent from the items you can see right now. You can’t use anything that is a chemical, you must find a way to rid yourself of these pesky pests with whatever you can find, assemble or build from your immediate area. You can choose to “dispose” of them in whatever humane or inhumane method you choose as long as they are no longer in your immediate area. Or alive, whichever.

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