Monday, 12 August 2013

Termidor is a Unique Solution

More than just an efficient explanation for controlling termites, Termidor stands unaccompanied against its opposition. There is no other termite organize action that works in the same fashion, or as well as Termidor. There are explicit properties of Termidor that make the substitute treatment exclusive. They include:

·    Invisible – Termites have an uncanny way of avoiding visible harm. However, the inventive move toward of Termidor is formulated on an undetectable, or non-repellent, liquid. Termites cannot taste, smell or see the produce making it almost invisible.

·         Numerous Approaches – Termites that consume the material laced with Termidor will die as the insecticide makes its way during their system. Additionally, the product is designed to generate a convey effect to pass the insect repellent along to other termites in the colony.

·       The Transfer Effect – Each termite that comes in contact with Termidor becomes a shipper termite that will pass the insect killer next to to inferior carriers. The remove consequence of Termidor is designed as a spiral procedure to ultimately allow the pesticide to come in contact with each termite in the colony.

·        A Secure Barrier – Typical liquids used for termite organize are highly measurable and are frequently avoided by termites in the colony surrounding a arrangement. However, Termidor’s unnoticeable properties can develop a secure barrier around the structure and eliminate the frequent trouble of termites circumventing or staying away from the fluid pesticide.

·         More Ideal Than Baiting – Baiting is a procedure that attracts termites to put away a pesticide. Alternatively, the invisible properties of Termidor help enhance the anti-termite action by taking full benefit of the behavior patterns of termites. With the steady need to groom and feed each other, termites intensify the extermination procedure by transferring the pesticide among st each other. Baiting require that each termite must finally find the pest-control bait. The remove result of Termidor eliminates this limit.

A Low Dosage Action
The anti-termite treatment uses Termidor in very low doses. On standard, a characteristic inhabited treatment will use less of the energetic Termidor ingredient to supply maximum results. Following strict standards defined by the EPA, low-odor Termidor works best at low dosages.

Termidor is the termite action in the nation, and has been used on over 1 million residences in the last decade. Formulated to eliminate termite influx colonies by contact, ingestion and their patented “Transfer Effect” procedure, Termidor can rapidly direct a termite colony in less than 90 days – far earlier than a conventional bait system. With nearly 9 years of proven test data results, Termidor is shown to be the best effectual anti-termite action accessible now.

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