Monday, 19 August 2013

Mosquito Drones

In the sci-fi movie forgetfulness, armed drones are cast out to clean the earth and kill any and all “scaths,” or “evil-doers” still lurking approximately following a cataclysmic lunar event evidently shattered the planet.  While Florida is not a barren wasteland, it does have fairly a big mosquito problem, particularly in South Florida. Since South Florida is such a hot bed for the flying pests, the mosquito difficulty has encouraged the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District to probably join up the help of aerial drones to help eliminate the swarming pests that carry diseases like dengue and West Nile Virus.  According to the Miami Herald, the NC-based Condor Aerial Company will meet with local officials and show the capability of its $65,000 “Maveric” drone over the Florida Keys.  Condor Aerial insists that the buzz would not be used for observation, simply for mosquito-only observational purposes. That means that the drone would not be weaponized with chemical agents, yet, but would only go out and recognize maybe mosquito breeding problem spots.  Because the drones would be able to rapidly recognize a numeral of suspected ‘hot spots,’ inspectors could then go out and charge the threat, and then opt to call in helicopters that are prepared to spray and kill the plague.  For those Americans who are tired out about ‘Big Brother’ using the ‘Mosquito drones’ to spy on unsuspecting Americans, Keys officials are as well awaiting the FDA’s endorsement to releases “hereditarily customized, sterile males (mosquitoes) into the wild to mate with wild females that would fabricate no offspring.” 

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