Sunday, 11 August 2013

After the Big Time - The Ants Are Back

Many of you may not like this article, but the truth is, the ANTS are back, and in huge numbers, and causing injure.

This may be the largest year for termite repair companies in many years.
With all the drizzly days we have had, ground dampness has been at evidence levels, and water diffusion into wood exteriors has been so wide, that termites are having a ‘field day’ in many homes approximately the region.

They may be imperceptible to many home owners, and simply when they maven have previously caused important damage, does it develop into noticeable to the naked eye.

An pattern of such furtive ‘work’ was not found by noticeable ant movement, but by a mold increase matter in one home that reason a wall to have to be opened up, only to make known wet insulation and wood panels, AND an ACTIVE termite influx within the same area that would not have been establish if a mold concern had not been discovered, and a fix for that, implemented.

Is the explanation an agreement for usual anti-termite action? Maybe but it may take more than an effortless evident sighting of ants, to find them in the initial position.

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