Monday, 12 August 2013

Anti Termite Treatment To Remember While Doing

Introduction Provision of termite proofing and compound barrier next to termite penetration into the building and make sure yawning termite control. Excavation and back-filling required for injection of anti-termite chemicals Back-filling and compaction of excavate areas upon termination of arrangement and /or setting up of subversive services defense measures consisting of materials, constructions and methods to save persons from harm and possessions from injure resulting from work performed by the over mentioned behavior. Reference Standards applicable Municipality Pest Control Regulations. Accepted Manufacturer’s Technical Brochures such as DOW, ELANCO, ZENECA, and PUBLIC HEALTH. The Contractor shall present the following: Technique declaration and shop drawings for full action systems including total details of cavernous action including pre-construction treatment Horizontal barriers, Vertical Barriers. Reports particular under Field Quality control and essential certificates from manufactures and public authorities. Guarantee: On conclusion of Action all in respects, The Pest control Contractor shall supply a documentation of guarantee that the treated areas are safe from bottomless termite attack and infectivity for at least twenty years.
Disaffection solutions shall be stored as per the manufactures and applicators instructions to avoid contagion and any hazards arising from the abuse of treatment chemicals.


Materials shall be from one of the following or as approved by local Authorities:
The service supplier shall guarantee that the Termiticide suspension is supplied in sealed containers and diluted as recommended by manufacturer. Contractor shall confirm and conform to suitable methods for handling, disposal, storage and transportation. Extent of treatments areas shall be established and recognized.

The contractor should make sure that site is prepared to receive behavior as per the manufacturer’s instructions previous to works beginning.

The contractor should make sure defense to all works and persons on site and make available all essential facilities and aid for this principle. Sufficient vapor barrier should be obtainable and make available following request.

A) Horizontal Barriers

Treatment shall start after leveling/compaction of the filled soil and before blinding and concreting. The termiticide mixture shall be practical with a low demands spray at a rate of 4liters per square meter on fine sand and 6liter per square meter on coarse gravel or as recommend by manufacturers.
The soil around effectiveness pipe openings, drains, electrical conduit entry points shall be drenched methodically with the termiticide thickness equal twice the usual attentiveness.
B) Vertical Barriers
After the final leveling/compaction of the outside perimeter and before the setting up of plinth defense a trench shall be equipped for at least 30cm depth around the building and drenched methodically with the termiticide at a rate of 4liters per linear meter.

Precautions shall be taken not to upset the treated areas be re-leveling, digging or earth filling, as this will break the chemical barrier. In case of such circumstances arises, the area is to be treated again to restore the chemical barrier. Only capable and experienced staff and holder of Municipality ID card will conduct the action/ application taking into consideration all security measures in providing defensive masks and ancillaries.

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