Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Caught in a Trap

A recently aired story from a local news station shows a man in a bathrobe who strips and starts dancing to the theme from Rocky around a set mouse trap. We all know where this is headed—he places his penis on the trap, which then snaps on the family jewels. His reaction is also caught on film.
Dozens of news stations as well as online forums picked up the story. Needless to say, the clip can be accessed on the Internet, and as disturbing as people claim the whole behavior (and subsequent public airing) is, it has generated a considerable amount on online attention. Not only can you chat about it, comment about it, and blog about it, you can view it on several sites. This is not the first such incident that has hit the Internet—one teen actually did the same act for $20 and a pack of cigarettes. However, this incident was intended to be viewed over public cable access on television. The reaction over the public television episode locally hit the Internet and the word spread. Twenty years ago, a childish stunt like this would not have garnered much attention. However, in today’s world, millions can now view this type of infamous idiocy almost instantaneously.

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