Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Bed Insect Spray

I've long admired Indigo Wild and their Zum products from afar for years, I stumbled crossways their mantra or what we believe page and felt I found kindred souls. But alas since I sell what they sell, I've not had a possibility to acquire anything that I can't previously make.

They posted a good analysis of their Bed insect Spray on their Face book page and timing is all, since I was just getting prepared to move from Chicago to Arizona and I was scared of any creepy crawlies I may pick up on the trip.

I'm not scared of much, I hike all the time and see all kinds of critters, but bed bugs sneeze me out. Those things run all over you while you are sleeping and next latch on to your PJs for a travel to the then bed. Gross.

It came super fast and they built-in a goodie bag of samples which I loved. Then it made me wonder why I don't do the same thing for my customers. Then I realized I'm only one person and I would never get any orders shipped out if I doubled my making.

There was a Zum rub model, body wash, cream and soaps. My mom stopped by, so it was divvied up pretty fast. I kept the polish & body washes for my trip. She grabbed the relax.

Anyway, if they wanted to delight me ahead of I even used the creation I ordered, task gifted.

I was fried, frazzled and prepared for a good night’s sleep. I liberally sprayed the pillows, sheets and blankets. The scent was actually nice; I could really pick up on the cinnamon necessary oil. Slept great, no tickles or bites through the night.

The second hotel was the imposing Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, this one was built in 1909 and even although it's fancy, it's old. Bed bug possible here. Same process, same outcome.

Lastly, made it to Sedona, AZ and was wiped out after a 14 hour drive. Stayed at the La Quinta. Carpet looked icky, wore flip flops in the room, and the bed sunk when I got in it, so it's been there a minute. Same process, except for this time I sprayed the rug, TV, desk and clock radio just to be secured. I was very amazed to wake up without one bite, tickle, chew, anything.

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