Monday, 12 August 2013

External & Internal Action

      A)   External Action

Dig shovel width trenches along the outside wall of the building revealing the basis wall surfaces 50cm deep holes, all next to this trough and pour element liquid. Treat the back fill earth with chemical mixture to the trench directing the spry towards the wall outside. If there is a tangible or stone apron approximately the building, drill 12mm holes as close as probable to the plinth wall and pump chemical combination to soak the soil linear meter…

      B)    Internal Action 

Soil below and opening the floor is to be charged with the chemical so as to refute contact to termite. Drill 12mm holes at the connection of floor and wall, along cracks on the floor and along constructional joints to attain the soil under and seal the hole correctly.

The accessible wooden fixtures in the building, which are in contact with the floor or the walls and which are infected by the termites will be treated by drilling 6 mm at an angle of 45 degrees at the connection of wood work and granite and squirting the chemical mixture in the holes till snub or to a highest of half liter per hole. 

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