Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Effective Termite Control Method

Also recognized as white ants, termites are a irritation in the house since they feed on the cellulose there in the wooden materials and depart them weak after devouring on them completely. Having termites in the house puts the wooden objects in it at a enormous risk of being spoiled, therefore it is recommended that one should try out termite control methods on discovering termites in the house. Depending on your circumstances and the strength of the invasion, you can decide any one of the following methods:


If your house is infected with dry wood termites then the best way to get rid of them would be during fumigation. Although this method can be conducted by the homeowners themselves, it is best to have a specialized do the same otherwise it could lead to fatal consequences. The method involves the release of suffocating gas into the infected wooden arrangement in order to eradicate the termites and their eggs. The main disadvantage of this technique is that it is very luxurious, but on the bright side, it is very effectual!

Getting rid of termites while still in the early on stages of colony enlargement

If you have discovered that your house is infected with termites while they are at rest in the early stages of colony enlargement then you're in luck since it is very simple to get rid of them at this period. The freezing technique would be recommended here. In this method, professionals use liquor nitrogen in the diseased walls and areas in order to freeze up the nests and obliterate them eternally to let alone the eggs from hatching. 

Going the DIY way

You can also take care of the termites during DIY termite organize methods. These are economical and very effectual. Simply purchase some boric acid and dissolve it with water and paint the dissolved acidic in the infested areas. By doing this, you will supervise to keep the white ants at bay productively for years on end! This method should, however, be used as a defensive measure as it does not help when the termites have already built a physically powerful colony in your house. 

If you are fussy about using toxic gases or chemicals in order to obliterate the termites while they are dwelling in the wooden structures of your house then you should opt for microwave plans that shoot out microwave rays. This method is best used for killing termites in small areas such as walls, doors, windows, etc. You just need to purchase a microwave device and shoot the rays at the termites and they will be dead within two or three days' time.

The Bait Technique

This is one of the majority ordinary methods for treating termite-infested homes. One shouldn't underestimate the age old baiting system for getting rid of termites since it is very effectual. Simply take a few pieces of wood and lace them with slow acting termite insecticide and introduce them into the colonies. This method is great for killing unhelpful termites and it is very simple to carry out as well!

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