Sunday, 11 August 2013


The termite proofing action should consistently be given in all types of buildings through the structure period. It is since of the fact that during the post-construction phase, it is enormously complicated and expensive to organize termite increase. Care should be taken to make sure that no bridge is formed among any part of the building and untreated soil. In order to regain land by exploit debris or filling material, great care should be exercised to make sure that the debris is termite at no cost.

As far as probable a metal strip or appropriate combined filler may be worn to create the floor joints free from termite assault. To check termite association from position the foundations should be moreover made of tangible or any other solid substance. Also, care should be taken to guarantee that the building site is free from dead wood, old tree stumps, etc. The superstructure should be treated with appropriate preservatives to make it termite evidence. All the wooden members like door frames, staircases, etc. are supposed to be set on flooring. They should not be during flooring to put off position–soil contact.

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