Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Pleasant Words concerning the Termite Queen


The termites have additional deepness and develop into very interesting with heroics, kindness, evil intentions, and all the other individual emotions but with an inventive twist on all of it. Yes, we've got to recognize them far improved as they network with Kaitrin. This new height of communication comes from Kaitrin's growth of the termite verbal communication sort of like radio waves, not sound. By interpreting patterns in the wavelengths, a variety of repetitions and lots of elegant guesswork, Kaitrin prepares to learn the termite race at their very core--within the termite palace.

       "I love all Kaitrin's communications with the Seer, the Warrior, the Remembrancer, more than a few of the Worker chiefs, and, at last, the Queen in her prison of imitation. The sections with the termites only as the evil Chamberlain plots to overthrow the Seer are well done. I particularly like the blocking notes theater talk for non-verbal movements on phase which add to the termite verbal communication. A variety of posturing tells us a lot about the personalities of the persons."

       "I am absolutely not a fan of romances, but even so, I establish the story of growing and deepening love among Kaitrin and Gwidian to be a most compelling one, and Taylor was surely able to hold my attention throughout the ups and downs of this part of the yarn. Taylor certainly demonstrates how a love story can be more than satisfyingly written without having to rely on the crutch of over-worked sexual category scenes as its only means of conveying the story. I even found Kaitrin's post-adventure quest to know Gwidian to be a rather compelling story in and of it. I think I read the last third of the book in one sitting -- perhaps if for no other reason than to at last know this Gwidian -- firstly a bit of a snoot, and always a bit standoffish, but also somehow urgently in require of love."

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