Friday, 2 August 2013

Annual Termite Assessment and Assurance

Secure Harbor Inspections Termite Defense Plan

Annual Termite Assessment and Assurance
Safe Harbor Inspections offers a 1 year renewable Termite Guarantee. Your home will accept free Termite Inspection for each year you are in the program. If Termites are exposed by you or by us, we will supply a full High excellence Termite Treatment at our cost in arranges to eliminate the Termites.

Some points to believe:
  • Termites are very ordinary on Long Island and can do a lot of smash up
  • You can have a Termite influx and have no outward signs of them since they can be within your walls and floors
  • In approximately every case, when Termites are discovered during an assessment, the home owner had no thought that there was a termite influx in the home
  • They are often discovered in the Spring and Fall when they group, or during renovations to your home
  • Termites are spacious with nest containing from 25,000 to 5,005,000 termites!
Every home on Long Island and New York City should have a complete termite inspection every year!

Here’s what the Safe Harbor plan offers:
  • An yearly Termite assessment is integrated
  • Free Termite action to eradicate the Termites if they show up
  • The program is moveable to new buyers
  • The program is renewable per annum
  • The annual fee is $300 per year for the standard home
  • Provides defense and Peace of Mind for home buyers, homeowners and home sellers!
  • If you are planning on selling your home, give your buyer a copy of the Guarantee (a great selling point for buyers)

Any home can qualify for the defense Program if we do not find signs of Termites throughout our assessment.

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