Friday, 2 August 2013

Termite Control - Island

This program provides peace of mind regarding one of the biggest concerns for NY homeowners: Termites. In the world of Long Island Home Inspections we’ve all heard the statement “on Long Island you either have Termites, or you will have Termites”. In our years of performing NY termite inspections and Long Island termite control we have to say that termites are very common in homes and termite treatment is often necessary.

Long Island Termite Inspection
Termites can be inside your walls without any signs, with no visible clues that they are present. They often get discovered, during a “swarm” in the spring or fall when they come out of the walls or floors in a multitude. They are also often discovered during renovations when the wood structure is exposed. We recommend scheduling a Long Island Termite Inspection to identify termite infestations before they get out of control and cause major damage to your home or building.

The termites we deal with here on Long Island are called “subterranean termites”. They dwell in the ground, “tunnel” to the foundation, and work their way to the wood in your walls. They eat wood which supports a termite colony that can contain from 20,000 workers to as high as 5 million worker termites. Safe Harbor is an expert Long Island Termite Inspector. We can determine whether or not your property harbors termite activity and treat termite colonies that have infected wood in your structure.

Safe Harbor’s “Annual Termite Guarantee” keeps you safe. Your home will receive a Free Termite Treatment if termites are discovered. You will receive a Free Termite Inspection every year.

The guarantee is transferable and renewable, making it a valuable asset for sellers. Here’s how it works:

Any house can qualify for the Termite Guarantee provided Safe Harbor Inspections finds no Termites during its inspection.

Even a house that did not have a home inspection may qualify for the guarantee. Safe Harbor will come to the home, perform a Termite Inspection, and if no Termites are discovered, the home will qualify. If Termites are discovered within 1 year from the date of the inspection, Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. will provide a full high quality Termite treatment in order to eradicate the infestation.

The cost of the guarantee is $300 per year for a home up to 5,000 square feet and $400 per year for houses over 5,000 square feet. The guarantee is renewable annually and includes a free termite inspection every year. The guarantee is transferable to new buyers of the home, making it a valuable asset for sellers.

We are happy to be able to offer this additional Service and Peace of Mind regarding one of the biggest concerns for homeowners: Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. has created new and innovative approaches to performing a residential or commercial inspection, not only in the use of technology, but all phases of the inspection process, including report delivery to its clients.

Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. is Licensed by NY State as a Pesticide Applicator and is authorized to perform Termite and other Wood Destroying Insect inspections

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