Friday, 2 August 2013

Termite - Natural Fresh

Here is a residence in Green slopes, Brisbane that has a clear termite influx. The house was borrowed and the tenants were moving out, when they exposed this in the clothes in the main bedroom.

I was called to examine and luxury this house. It’s clear that the termites are here, but it’s not till I turned on the Infrared Thermal Camera that the whole narrative was exposed.

The Infrared Thermal Camera only sees hotness. The dark areas are cool and the light areas are warm. In the wardrobe floor is a bright warm area. This is the termite colony under the floor. The wall framing shows up dark and about the framing is dark shading. This is termite mudding. The severity of the influx only shows up in the infrared thermal image.

If this house had normal inspections, by a good termite technician, then this termite movement could have been picked up early and the injure would have been negligible.

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